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The Ultimate Cloth works Great in Bathrooms

Do you want to shower in a waterfall of chemicals? Are you tired of stepping on that shower squeegee. Fed up with always looking in the mirror and seeing streaks and spots instead of a crystal clear reflection. Frustrated from dealing with a truck load of different cleaners and paper towels for each different cleaning job in the bathroom? You’re not alone.


The Ultimate Cloth is the perfect cleaning cloth for you. Traditionally, you would clean your sink, tub, shower, tiles, mirrors, chrome, counters and floors with expensive chemical based cleaning products. Well stress no more! We’re offering you a easier, quicker, more effective, greener and healthier way. No more wasting money on cleaners and paper towel. No more wasting your time and energy without results. We’re offering you the chance to simply wet, wring, wipe and walk away by using a cleaning cloth that will leave your entire bathroom perfectly clean and Streak Free.


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Once you try The Ultimate Cloth in your bath and laundry room, we’re so convinced you will never want to try anything else that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a 5 year replacement guarantee. This MiraFiber cloth is a cleaning cloth that is not only environmentally friendly but also uses 95% less water than your traditional mop and cloth. After cleaning, simply throw your Ultimate Cloth in the washer and say goodbye to paper towels and chemical cleaners for good.

You name it, and The Ultimate Cloth will clean it and bring you one step closer to Living Streak Free! Order yours today!


Customer Feedback:

I can’t believe it! My son used to sneeze every time he walked into my freshly cleaned bathroom but since I bought an Ultimate Cloth I haven’t heard a sniffle! This cloth has done wonders not only for my mirrors and counter tops – But for our life. - Helen MacRae

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