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The Ultimate Cloth for Cars, Motorcycles & Automotives

As with many cleaning jobs, we avoid and procrastinate for as long as we can. Our time is better spent relaxing and doing what we enjoy most. However, the cleaning list is usually long and the excuse list for not doing things is longer. It’s easier to put off cleaning the things that we don’t have to look at all the time. Cleaning the car, camper, bike or boat is generally a job we avoid, at all costs, until we can’t ignore it any longer.

Armed with The Ultimate Cloth and a bucket of clean water you can meet those cleaning aversions head on. Whether it is the inside or outside of a windshield, simply wet, wring, wipe and walk away. Leather seats and upholstery, no problem. Chrome and rims sparkle instantly. Mirrors, glass and windows are left crystal clear with no streaking or spots. Dusty interiors clean with just a wipe and are left lint and dust free every time. Camper and RV kitchen and bathrooms are serviced by the same, simple cloth and water. From shower stalls to stainless, cabinets and floors or to plasma TV’s and computer screens, a clean cloth will leave a Streak Free, spot free, lint and dust free finish on it all.

So if you have been one of those people procrastinating and looking at cleaning as a time consuming, strenuous job often with disappointing results we are here to show you The Ultimate Cloth advantage.

  • Quick! Cleaning with The Ultimate Cloth cuts your effort and cleaning time by half!
  • Easy! All you need is water. No rounding up armloads of cleaners and paper towel to target each of your cleaning requirements.
  • Effective!The results you’ve been struggling to achieve. No hype – just performance!
  • Economical!The Ultimate Cloth is reuseable and long lasting. You just add water. No additional cleaning products are required.
  • Environmentally Friendly!No additional chemical or toxic cleaning supplies are necessary. No more paper towels, plastics or packaging to burden our landfills.
  • Hypo-allergenic! With nothing but water required we eliminate, smells, residue and vapor that can trigger those suffering from environmental sensitivities.

So make your neighbors green with envy by showing them the results they can achieve by using The Ultimate Cloth and start Living Streak Free!


Electronics and Eyewear

There is nothing more frustrating that trying to see through and around smears and smudges. Whether it is your computer screen, iPhone, Plasma TV or eyewear, anything that impairs your vision should be clean and clear at all times, not only for optimum viewing but also your optical health.


Whether it’s a favorite pair of sunglasses or any of the multitude of devices that people spend their hard earned money on today, care should be taken to ensure their electronic screens and eyewear do not get destroyed by scratches when they are being cleaned.


Specially formulated eyewear cleaner, as well as cleaners made specifically for TV screens and monitors are expensive and not always readily accessible when smudges occurs. Having a thin, compact Opt Cloth in your purse, glove box or even just tucked inside your device, ensures that you can have a crystal clear and Streak Free visual anytime, anywhere with just one wipe from a dampened Ultimate Cloth.


The Ultimate Cloth is quick, easy, compact and accessible and is environmentally friendly too! No more chemical based optical or screen cleaners are required. Simply wet, wring, wipe. It’s all becoming clearer now!

If you’re interested in Living Streak Free – Order yours today!