How do I use my Ultimate Cloths®?

Just wet your cloth with water, wring it out well. Then you simply wipe to clean and polish all surfaces and start living streak free! The best approach is to fold your cloth into sections as it allows you to clean more surfaces between rinsing and wringing.

How do I Care for my Ultimate Cloths®?

Hand or machine wash cloths with detergent or dish soap, alone or with lint-free clothing. Bleaching is great for disinfecting the cloth and making it white again but you don’t want to soak your cloth in bleach as this can wear down the fibres.

What surfaces will the Ultimate Cloths® clean?

The Ultimate Cloth® excels on any hard surface, such as, but not limited to, glass, windows, mirrors, chrome, stainless steel, hardwood, ceramic tile, corian, granite, marble, framed artwork, crystal, appliances, shower doors, countertops, valuables, cars, motorcycles, boats, RV’s & more. Ultimate cloth is safe to use on all electronics. You will also find them to be useful at cleaning many ‘soft’ surfaces such as leather and vinyl.

I am getting waterspots; what am I doing wrong?

Water spots are caused by too much moisture in your cloth. When using the cloth, be sure to wring it out WELL. The cloth should feel lightly damp. Simply wring and re-wipe surface and they will disappear.

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Our Fall & Winter Cleaning Green Specials
This pack contains :
4 Standard Ultimate Cloths
1 Ultimate BadBoy™ Cloth
1 Packs of 3 Electronic Cloths
This pack contains :
12 Standard Ultimate Cloths®
3 Bad Boy Ultimate Cloth®
1 Pack of 3 Electronic Cloths