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We’re all looking for an easier, faster way to get household chores done effectively. Time spent cleaning is time that we would rather have spent with our loved ones, or could have enjoyed working on our favorite hobby or just have been able to sit back and relax for a few extra minutes.

With The Ultimate Cloth not only do you clean easier and faster, by up to 50%, but your efforts actually pay off with results. Our cloth allows you to clean green, and with no additional cleaning products needed, it is also hypo-allergenic. No expensive chemical based cleaners, soaps or sprays are required and you will never need to buy paper towels again! Just wet, wring, wipe, walk away and enjoy Living Steak Free! What can you clean around the house?

  • Windows inside and outdoors
  • Glass tables, mirrors, pictures
  • Table dressers, china cabinets; shelves, crystal  & figurines
  • Wine glasses, eye glasses, camera lens, phone screens, tablets
  • Works great on mirrors or glass
  • Removes finger prints off TV & computer
  • Great for light fixtures, chandeliers
  • Fireplace glass
  • Shines chrome, stainless teel, metal and high gloss surfaces
  • Clean outdoor windows first with the Bad Boy Ultimate Cloth, then use Opti-cloth to finish with a shine
  • Use the dry Ultimate Cloth for all dusting
  • Dust blinds, shutters, curtains, picture frames, plants, hard wood floors
  • Top of couch/chairs; lifts pet fur off furniture
  • Floors: hard surface flooring, wood, laminate, linoleum and tile & quick floor clean-ups

With The Ultimate Cloth and just water you can meet ALL of your cleaning challenges head on and no matter how much you hate cleaning, leave you with a smile on your face, time on your hands and money in your pocket.


With nothing but The Ultimate Cloth and water you can clean everything from a delicate computer or TV screen to the brake dust on your tire rims and achieve amazing results every time! Windows, mirrors, crystal, glass and jewelry all sparkle with a Streak Free shine everytime! Cabinets, chrome, stainless steel, glass topped and black appliances are left without smudges and are fingerprint free. No rubbing, polishing or buffing required. Hardwood, marble, granite, laminate, porcelain and ceramics look clean and pristine with just a wipe. Clean your shower doors, sinks, tubs and ceramic tiles. It even gets the soap scum! Blinds and leather or vinyl furniture are cleaned with a simple wipe.

Why the Ultimate Cloth | MiraFiber

The exclusive, patented MiraFiber technology will remove, soap scum, oil, grease, dirt, fingerprints, tar, brake dust, hairspray, doggy prints, both nose and paw, bugs, dust and more!

Make every cleaning challenge you face easy, quick and successful and join us in The world of Living Streak Free! Here is what one of our customers had to say:

Cathy Gmail Review | Ultimate Cloth








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