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Cleaning your office may not be your top priority at work. You don’t have the time, energy or resources to keep your office spotless and ordered. Never mind that it’s where you spend the majority of your waking hours. However, a clean and organized office helps to boost the productivity of those working within it.

With nothing but The ULTIMATE CLOTH® and water you can achieve a pristine environment with just a wipe, leaving you to focus on the task at hand. Whether it’s a dirty window you brainstorm while trying to looking through or a computer screen you have to dodge finger prints to read, a cell phone that carries the remnants of coffee, breakfast sandwich or donut drizzle or a filling cabinet or desk top with greasy smudges The ULTIMATE CLOTH® will take care of it and leave you Living Streak Free.

Office Cleaning Cloths | Ultimate Cloth


Once you say “hello” to, and experience the Ultimate cloth at “WORK”, we are confident that you’ll never want to use anything else. This MiraFiber® cleaning cloth is not only environmentally friendly but also uses 95% less water than your traditional mop and cloth. After cleaning your targeted challenge, just rinse well, hang for a quick dry and return it to your desk drawer. If your target has been particularly tough, take it home and simply toss it in the wash using just soap and bleach if necessary then hang to dry.

No chemical based fabric softeners are recommended. No need to stock your office with paper towels, chemicals or sprays. Just an all in one, compact, Ultimate Cloth® has left you with a cleaner, more enjoyable and productive work environment. The Ultimate Cloth® is great for all glass, windows, crystal, desks, counters, cabinets, electronic devices, medical equipment screens, display cases. You name it, and The Ultimate Cloth® will clean it and bring you one step closer to Living Streak Free!

Customer Feedback:

We have been using the Ultimate Cloth® for several years; I have bought no cleaning chemicals during this time! We have all glass office spaces and our windows are constantly being run into by the birds (just like the cartoons); poor little things, I bet they have pretty bad migraines. – W.A, Executive Assistant

If you’re interested in Living Streak Free – Check out our home care package which is perfect for the office!

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