Six Piece Collection

2 Standard Ultimate Cloth®

Use slightly dampened with water - great for all TV screens, moniters, electronics cases and more. In addition, this size is the most popular for household use. You’ll love it for: stainless steel, granite, windows, mirrors, fixtures, hardwood & so much more. Use & care below.

1 Bad Boy Ultimate Cloths®

The Ultimate BadBoy™ Cloth has been brought to you by a handful of customer requests. This larger than avergae cloth measures 15.5" X 19.5". It's an ultimate Cloth that is BAD on dirt, grease and grime. Yet, TENDER on each and every single one of your delicate surfaces such as paint, chrome, lexan, leather& more. The BadBoy Ultimate cloth is the perfect size for Big Jobs, Big Hands and Big Spills!

1 Pack of 3 Electronic Cloths

Easy to take on the go and ideal for small electronics- all touch screens, iPads, cell phones, laptops, moniters - cameras and eyewear. Can be used dry or dampened slightly with water for tougher messes. Hold it flat against your surface and wipe the grime away.

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