Electronic Packs

The Opti-Cloths measure 4" x 5 1/2". Again made with same great MiraFiber technology as the Standard and BadBoy size cloths, but in a convenient size for smaller items. They are perfect for sunglasses, eye glasses, camera lenses, cell phones and small electronics. Put them in your purse, wallet or glove box. Opti-Cloths come 3 per pack and may be used dry or slightly damp.

The Opti-Cloths are great to use on eyeglasses, and a variety of electronics. Keep your eyeglasses, cell phones, iPads and small electronics crystal clear with the Ultimate opt-cloths. These small cloths use the exact same technology as the larger cloths, but are the perfect size to keep in your office, wallet, in your car & at your bedside. All packs come with 3 cloths in a package. Use dry or just slightly damp.

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