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When you have experienced perfection, it is difficult to live with anything less. Living Streak Free is a passion, a lifestyle and an understanding that life is just a bit better when it’s streak free.
Living Streak Free is your source for the Ultimate Cloth®. Each of our patented MiraFiber products lets you perform your cleaning routines with less effort and in less time while amplifying the results. The Ultimate Cloth® allows you to experience perfection with an easy to use, bleachable, enviro-friendly, affordable cloth with guaranteed results which is the experience of Living Streak Free.

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We want you to say goodbye to expensive cleaning products which expose you to harmful cleaning fumes, chemicals, and vapors that leave an invisible streak of toxic residue on your countertops, stainless steel and other home and office surfaces! The Ultimate Cloth® will let you clean green and clean naturally as the patented MiraFiber technology of our cleaning cloths will attract every bit of dust, dirt and residue. All you do is add water and start Living Streak Free!


Discover The Ultimate Cloth® Advantage:
  • Non-toxic! No harmful chemicals, fumes or vapors –JUST ADD WATER!
  • Environmentally friendly! Reusable, durable & long lasting. NO MORE PAPER TOWEL
  • Tough and Gentle! Strong enough for your toughest cleaning jobs and yet a clean cloth will not scratch any surface and our favorite, NO STREAKS!
  • Allergen friendly! Dust and dirt are trapped in the cloth without smells or chemicals which trigger allergies.
  • Clean everything! Stainless steel, counters, glass, porcelain, windows, glass showers, hardwood.
This is an email we received from one of our clients:
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The results cannot be beat.

Where Can You Use THE Ultimate Cloth® ?
  • In the kitchen: Stainless steel, ceramic stove tops, black appliances, sinks, cabinets, glass, crystal, granite, laminate, chrome and floors
  • In the bathroom / laundry room: Tub, sink, glass shower, mirrors, tiles, faucets, vanity tops, marble, ceramic. It gets the soap scum too!
  • Around the house: Windows, mirrors, hardwood, glass, wood furniture, leather, vinyl, jewelry, crystal, blinds, porcelain, painted surfaces
  • On your Devices: iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Phone, Tablets, Laptops, TV’s, monitors
  • In the garage or basement: Bikes, boats, cars, sports equipment, RVs, lexan
  • In business: Computer screens, show cases, vinyl, office & restaurant fixtures, furniture, hospital screens and equipment

It’s Time to start Living Streak Free:

Love This Ultimate Cloth
We’ve found a better way!

The Ultimate Cloth® will eliminate chemical cleaner for good!
The Ultimate Cloth® has the ability to clean EVERYTHING! It’s a cheaper, easier smarter, faster, greener and healthier approach to cleaning for those hoping to Live Streak Free.

These innovative new cloths with patented MiraFiber technology have the ability to remove 99.9% of bacteria from any hard surface and have completely revolutionized the cleaning green industry.

That’s right! The Ultimate Cloth® is the BEST eco-cleaning cloth you’ve ever used:

  • The Ultimate Cloth® will reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning by 50%
  • The Ultimate Cloth® will save you hundreds of dollars a year on cleaning supplies;
  • The Ultimate Cloth® gets harmful cleaning chemicals out of your house for good! and…
  • The Ultimate Cloth® will ensure that whatever you are cleaning it will be STREAK FREE!
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Our Fall & Winter Cleaning Green Specials
This pack contains :
4 Standard Ultimate Cloths
1 Ultimate BadBoy™ Cloth
1 Packs of 3 Electronic Cloths
This pack contains :
12 Standard Ultimate Cloths®
3 Bad Boy Ultimate Cloth®
1 Pack of 3 Electronic Cloths